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Bacon Month

Apr 26, 2016

National Bacon Month (April) is coming to a close. Consequently, I conducted some fun research that I wanted to share with our readership. For starters I thought I'd Google the idiom “Bring Home the Bacon” which means to bring home money earned from a job; to do something successfully, especially to win a game or race. Its origin is unclear based on my research, but most historians believe the idiom was coined in the USA at the beginning of the 20th century by the mother of a lightweight boxer who sent her son prior to his championship bout in September 1906 a telegram indicating “The eyes of the world are on you Joe, bring home the bacon.” Boxing correspondents picked up on the idiom from that point on.

Next I wanted to learn more about Baconfest Chicago 2016. The nationally renowned festival will be held this weekend: #BaconfestChi  Bacon lovers will be able to sample bacon creations from some of Chicago’s best chefs and bacontrepreneurs that will be exhibiting their wares. On their website I checked out some of the menu items which sound unbelievable – Bacon Pate Banh Mi Sandwiches, Roasted Red Pepper and Bacon Gnocchi, etc. 

Our team here at Custom Culinary® has developed some bacon recipes to celebrate National Bacon Month that will make you successful in your operation to help you “bring home the bacon.” Your guests will like our hearty bacon chowders: Bacon and Corn or Bacon and Potato. To satisfy your hard core Bacon Lovers, we suggest you check out our Gold Label Bacon Base and click on the recipes tab (bottom right) – Chef Mike Speranza created a Carbonara Alfredo Sauce that we believe would be a great entry at a future Baconfest Chicago. 

Hopefully you will be able to carve out some time this weekend and eat your way through Baconfest Chicago 2016. Otherwise make everyday a Baconfest in your operation and Be True To The Food.

Joe Beitzel

Joe Beitzel
Director of Channel Marketing
Custom Culinary, Inc.

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