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Custom Culinary® bases are truly best-in-class. From traditional paste and granular formats to our newest liquid concentrates and ready-to-use Asian broths, we offer an impressive selection of flavor-forward bases suited to every back-of-house need. Custom Culinary® bases are made with the finest ingredients, for quality and performance you can rely on.


 Gold Label True Foundations™ Liquid Stock Concentrates
Chicken, beef and vegetable flavor profiles in a truly convenient format. Create rich soups, stocks and marinades in an instant—or pour on the flavor straight from the bottle, with no mixing required.
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 Passport Global Flavors™ by Custom Culinary® Asian Broths
Bring on-trend noodle bowls to your menu without the time or labor required to make complex broths from scratch. Frozen ready-to-use format is easy to prepare, simply by boiling or steaming in the bag.
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Gold Label True Foundations™ Bases
These innovative bases were developed with the needs of both operators and patrons in mind, featuring clean and simple ingredient decks for incredible made-from-scratch flavor.

Gold Label Savory Roasted® Bases
Choice cuts of premium chicken, beef and garden vegetables are slow-roasted to deliver deep, intense caramelized flavor and aroma—creating a dining experience worthy of your most craveable dishes.

Gold Label Bases
Featuring well-balanced flavor profiles developed to taste, look and perform like scratch-made stock simmered for hours. Lineup includes meat-first bases, seafood, vegetable and low sodium options.

Master's Touch® Bases
Protein-based stocks highlighting well-rounded meat-driven flavors, with complementary herb and seasoning notes. Wide selection of varieties available, including low sodium options.

Chef's Own Bases
Best-in-class meat-first varieties available at an excellent value. For quality and convenience at a great value, look to our granular paste and dry granular formats.

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Delicious soups, braises and marinades start with a perfect base. And with Custom Culinary®, the possibilities are endless. Our bases are easy to use across menu applications, saving time and labor while improving consistency in finished dishes.

• Create soups and stocks with made-from-scratch flavor
• Use as the foundation for rich sauces and gravies
• Develop menu items that meet nutritional demands, such as low sodium, vegan or gluten-free
• Infuse flavor into cooking liquid for grains and vegetables
• Try as a marinade, rub or glaze for proteins
• Ready to use, straight out of the jar—for flavor in an instant


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