Custom Culinary - Be true to the food

Custom Culinary® bases are perfectly seasoned, easy-to-use, paste-like concentrates of freshly cooked meat, poultry, seafood, or vegetables with natural juices. From our savory chicken bases and beef bases to our fresh lobster base, we offer a line of distinctive, high-profile bases. We offer three levels of bases to meet every operators needs:


Photo - Lobster BisqueThe highest industry standard, made with hand-selected ingredients like real meat, poultry, seafood and vegetables for deep, rich, made-from-scratch flavor. Our Meat First™ technology means our bases and your food dishes taste like the meat, seafood or vegetables used to make them.

The widest range of made-from-scratch flavors gives you endless menu possibilities. Healthy eating options - low sodium, no added MSG, vegetarian, no gluten ingredients* - offer something for every nutritional category.

Exacting standards ensure that every tub, canister or pail contains the same taste characteristics every time.

Custom Culinary® Gold Label Savory Roasted® product line includes Chicken Base, Beef Base, and Vegetable Base and instantly add slow-cooked, richly roasted intensity, with subtle vegetable accents.


Photo - Sherried Wild Mushroom SoupSelect ingredients for outstanding flavor, uncompromising quality and consistent performance at a more competitive price. A wide variety of flavors from chicken and beef to the most popular seafood flavors. 

Healthy eating options - low sodium, no added MSG, no gluten ingredients* - offer something for every nutritional category.

Our Master's Touch® line includes All Natural Beef, Chicken, Vegetable and Clam flavors and provides a simple solution to achieving true flavors.


Custom Culinary® Master’s Touch® Flavor Concentrates span the globe, bringing you the best in bold, on-trend cuisine. As patrons expand their palates to include more-diverse ethnic flavors, operators can keep up with the demand by offering uniquely inspired twists on classic dishes. Custom Culinary® Master’s Touch® Flavor Concentrates simplify the process, making them a valuable addition to every chef’s repertoire. 

The Master’s Touch® Flavor Concentrate line of all Gluten Free products includes: Sriracha Lime, Chipotle, Ancho, Southwest and Garlic Concentrates.


Photo - Chicken Noodle Soup featuring Custom Culinaryâ„¢ Gold Label Savory Roastedâ„¢ Chicken BaseCustom Culinary® Chef's Own™ Bases offer an economical base in a granular format. Our product line includes a wide vareity of classic flavors including Beef, Chicken, and Vegetable.






*Manufactured in a facility that uses ingredients containing gluten. Based on information available from ingredient manufacturers. No specific testing has been done.