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Chef Mike Speranza Returned to the White House

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Dec 19, 2011

Photo - Mike Speranza in front of White House Dec2011Chef Mike Speranza has had a busy year with his work in Chefs Move to Schools, First Lady Michelle Obama’s program to engage chefs with their local school districts in order to educate members of the school community about food and healthy eating. Mike has adopted his local school and is a member of the ACF’s Chefs Move to Schools Presidential Task Force.

In appreciation for his continued leadership role in this program, Mike was invited back to the White House for a self-guided tour of the house and grounds decked out for the holidays. Mike and other special guests strolled through the White House halls and into the East Room, Green Room, Blue Room and Red Room, stopping to take in the elaborate decorations and official presidential portraits that line the walls.
Photo - State Dining Room in White House Dec2011
The gravity of these rooms hit home with Mike when they got to the State Dining Room (picture at right) not just because of its history of hosting the world’s dignitaries, but because it was the only White House room big enough to allow for public viewing of the bodies of Lincoln and JFK after their assassinations. An 1869 portrait of President Lincoln hangs over one of the two fireplace mantles, and three Christmas trees dotted the wall.

Mike recounts the experience. “It was really an honor to be there. I found myself looking at the rooms you see on TV and realized I was standing in them! Plus, the holiday decorations were just stunning.”

Congratulations Mike!