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Tropical Asian

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Jul 13, 2017


Tropical AsianSoutheast Asian cuisine has made a huge impact on American menus over the past decade. Now that the dishes of Thailand and Vietnam have achieved mainstream status, the island cuisines of Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines are moving to the forefront. But their culinary stories are not so easily defined. Cultural demographics, colonial history, trade routes and diverse geography are just some of the factors that play into the differences between foods found in each country, city and even individual islands. That being said, many dishes from the region are characterized by a lightness of preparation—fresh herbs, bright citrus, boiling and steaming. Incorporating distinctly Southeast Asian ingredients into sandwiches, soups and stir-fry dishes is a great way to introduce patrons to a new world of culinary adventure!
Sriracha Trends
An Aromatic Exploration of Southeast Asian Cuisine


Thai Roasted Chicken Satay
Bandung Chicken and Waffles
East meets west in this twist on the brunch classic. Chicken thighs, dredged in flour and Custom Culinary® Indonesian Rendang Curry, are fried to a perfect golden-brown and served over a lemongrass waffle with a ladle of coconut gravy on top.
Vietnamese Bánh Mì Chicken Sandwich
Adobo Bánh Mì
A fusion of Filipino flavors in the classic Vietnamese sandwich, featuring crunchy pieces of chicharrón tossed in a rich Custom Culinary® Filipino Adobo Concentrate sauce. They’re layered on a crispy rice flour baguette with fresh herbs and a pickled pineapple-veggie slaw. Serve with garlic rice or lumpia.
Coconut and Chicken Soup
Laksa Noodle Bowl
Starting with a savory Custom Culinary® Laksa Soup Base, add coconut and lemongrass to create a hearty bowl filled with wide rice noodles, a choice of chicken, shrimp or tofu and an assortment of fresh vegetables and herbs.


Serve up soups, curries and stews that taste like they’ve been slow-simmering for hours—made easy with sauces, bases and flavor concentrates from Custom Culinary®.

  • Beef, Chicken and Vegetable Pho Concentrates
  • Indonesian Rendang Curry
  • Thai Vegan Broth
  • Filipino Adobo Concentrate
  • Laksa Soup Base
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Chef Richard Reilly, CEC, CCA


Richard Reilly, CEC, CCA, shares his take on the evolution of regional global cuisine here in the U.S.—including savory Indonesian and Cambodian dishes that have caught his attention lately. Read his latest blog post.
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*Infographic: Datassential MenuTrends, U.S. menu penetration growth 2005-2017.

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