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Craft + Cocktail + Cuisine

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Nov 08, 2017


Craft+Cocktail+CuisineRaise your glass to an exciting new twist on the mixology trend. Cocktail flavors are moving from the bar to back-of-house, in the form of glazes, salad dressings, sauces and condiments. Rather than a typical cocktail pairing (i.e. matching a beverage to a dish) it's about creating signature menu items that showcase the alcohol-inspired flavors within. Whiskey glazes and vodka sauces have been popular with patrons for years, but the newest alcohol-infused ingredients are more in line with craft cocktails than simply base spirits. Ready-to-use products featuring these flavor profiles simplify the development process, too. Desserts, grilled meats, seafood and fruit dressed with mojito syrup, a Manhattan reduction or a Paloma drizzle bring new life to traditional menu items. We'll drink to that!

Get inspired! We'll show you how to transform the flavors of popular cocktails into signature soups, appetizers and entrées in our latest video.


Caramelized Maple Scotch Pork
Caramelized Maple Scotch Pork
An oven-seared two-inch tomahawk pork chop, gazed with Custom Culinary® Maple Scotch Sauce and served with a charred brassica salad and dill-fennel potato rösti.
Aji-Mojito Ceviche
Aji-Mojito Ceviche
Diced fresh grouper, tossed in a Custom Culinary® Mojito Marinade and aji amarillo “leche de tigre,” with white onion, avocado and purple potatoes, served with tostones.
Jalapeño Snapper
Jalapeño Snapper
An impressive presentation of whole red snapper, fried and topped with an avocado-red pepper slaw, fried plantains and a bold, refreshing Custom Culinary® Tequila-Lime Jalapeño Relish.
Winter Wine Prime Rib
Winter Wine Prime Rib
A thick-sliced black pepper-crusted prime rib, served with a potato-celeriac purée, charred citrus salad and Custom Culinary® Mulled Wine Au Jus.
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Sauces, marinades and other unique alcohol-infused products from Custom Culinary® deliver authentic flavor to entrées, appetizers and more.

  • Maple Scotch Sauce
  • Mojito Marinade
  • Tequila-Lime Jalapeño Relish
  • Black Velvet Gravy
  • Mulled Wine Au Jus


Start with Gold Label True Foundations Bases from Custom Culinary® as the foundation for alcohol-infused sauces, glazes and more.

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Michael Smith, CEC, AAC


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