Custom Culinary - Be true to the food

Custom Culinary, Inc. is 100% committed to the safety and quality of our food products.

Our food bases and concentrates are recognized as Ready-To-Eat (RTE) by both the USDA and FDA, thus are safe to consume right out of the container, with no additional heating required. Additionally, our food bases and concentrates are manufactured in a facility that is certified to the BRC Global Standards for Food Safety, recognized as the most stringent standard in the food industry. Our RTE status is also reflected in our Food Safety and HACCP plans. 


Our RTE products are ready to use, straight from the jar.

• Cold applications: perfect for dips, dressings, sandwich spreads and salads

• Hot applications: create signature soups, stews, finishing sauces and more


Examples of our Ready-To-Eat products include:

Custom Culinary® Bases

Chicken, Beef, Savory Roasted Vegetable, Clam, Lobster, Bacon, and more!

Gold Label Bases

Master’s Touch® Bases

Chef’s Own™ Bases

Custom Culinary® Concentrates

Chipotle, Ancho, Southwest, Sriracha Lime, and Roasted Garlic and more!

Master’s Touch™ Flavor Concentrates

Master’s Touch™ Gravy Concentrates


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Combine our Ready-To-Eat bases and concentrates with your favorite sauces, dips, and more!