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Custom Culinary® gravies offer authentic tastes and textures, using only premium ingredients, prime roasted meats and select seasonings – to deliver authentic pan-dripping fresh gravies every time. 

Our top quality starch system provides a consistently smooth, natural mouthfeel for great authentic flavor every time, even after refrigeration.  Our effortlessly authentic gravies are prepared in one simple step, simply add water and boil.     

In addition, all of our gravies are 0 grams trans-fat per serving and no MSG added.  


  • Au Jus: From our mild and mellow Americana Au Jus mix to the complex and rich roasted flavors of our Herb Roasted Au Jus concentrate, Custom Culinary® will deliver mouth-watering goodness to your savory applications.
  • Savory Meat:  From our balance and versatility of our Brown Gravy mixes to our health conscious line of low-sodium flavors, we've set the industry standard for authenticity with our savory flavored gravies.
  • White Savory: Custom Culinary® white gravies offer the best-in-class flavor, consistency, texture, and mouthfeel needed to perfect your classic comfort food favorites.

Contact our offices today to find out how Custom Culinary® gravies can help you create superior soups, sauces, casseroles, pot pies, or simply compliment your entrée applications.