Custom Culinary - Be true to the food


With innovation for every need, Custom Culinary, Inc. brings proven taste, performance and authenticity to all your applications. Our existing True Taste Flavor Systems help you meet emerging flavor trends with options featuring global flavors, clean labels and healthier attributes like low sodium and no gluten ingredients*. 

Plus our custom capabilities mean we can create signature formulations – just for you – across all of our product categories.


Our food bases provide the perfect foundation for your applications.  Our portfolio is designed to meet the highest industry standards and are crafted using hand-selected ingredients like real meat, poultry, seafood and vegetables for deep, rich, made-from-scratch flavor.  

Flavors range from chicken and beef to cream soup and mushroom. We also offer a wide variety of bases to meet today's health considerations such as low-sodium and all natural. 


From classic sauces to today’s exciting global and regional blends, the finest quality and most authentic Culinary Flavor Systems come from Custom Culinary, Inc. Our full line of authentic sauces offer made-from-scratch flavor and performance in operationally friendly formats such as ready-to-use, add-liquid concentrates, or dry mixes. All of our sauces are developed by our expert culinary team and tested against scratch-made recipes.


When developing gravies, our chefs replicated the complex flavors that pan drippings give scratch-made gravies. The result is a line of high quality concentrates and dry mixes, using only premium ingredients, prime roasted meats and select seasonings.

Flavors range from brown and chicken to peppered biscuit. We also offer low-sodium, no gluten ingredient* gravies to meet the demands of today's consumer for healthier options. 


Today's consumer is demanding not only great flavor, but healthier options. Custom Culinary® bases, sauces and gravies can help you meet consumers' needs. We offer products with 0 grams trans-fat per serving to no gluten ingredient* and low or reduced sodium.

Contact our offices today to find out how Custom Culinary® food bases, sauces and gravies can help you.