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October 14, 2019

10 Irresistible Burger Recipes (MINUS THE BEEF)

Burgers are always in season, from our point of view. But sometimes you may want to skip the beef. You know, you wouldn’t be alone at all. In fact, beef burgers have only grown at a rate of 1% over the past 4 years, while other proteins have skyrocketed. Plant-based proteins, for instance, are on fire, with a growth rate of over 908% in the last 4 years, and other options like black bean burgers, bison, and salmon are seeing double digit growth. The time is right to explore and expand and we have some ideas at the ready.


What if you started with something Thai-inspired? Specifically, a Thai Roasted Peanut Turkey Burger. Pair it with Thai Roasted Peanut Vinaigrette Broccoli Slaw and you have an on-trend and flavorful meal. Sounds good, right? Or load the Broccoli Slaw on a bun and top with a Plant-Based Burger with extra Custom Culinary® Thai-Style Roasted Peanut Sauce. If you already have Turkey, perhaps the menu can be extended to include this Kentucky Bourbon Glazed Turkey Burger to play up the appeal of Bourbon Sauce and the popular combination of avocado and bacon. Or a Jive Turkey Burger brings a bit of heat and a lot of color to the plate. Feel free to use the name, too. We don’t mind.

Moroccan Black Bean Burger would be as good a move as any. Black Bean burgers have grown nearly 30%, according to Datassential, and offer a filling and healthy option for guests. Top it with Harissa Mayo and the cool factor goes up even more, as well as the flavor. Use the same patty and load with Caribbean-inspired flavors to shake it up even more. Or really, use any patty that speaks to you with this customizable Caribbean Island Burger recipe.

We’re especially on board with the growing love of seafood and believe it has a role on most burger menus. We lean toward a beautiful Salmon Burger which can easily benefit from the Bourbon Sauce we used on the Turkey Burger. An Alaskan Salmon Burger has the same appeal, and when adding loads of fresh ingredients from a fresh cucumber and fennel slaw, it really shines. Make it a seafood trio by adding a Spicy Crab Burger which brings the brightness of mango and the spice of jalapeno. Which one will you try first?

Let’s be honest. Sometimes you just need a nice butter for the buns. This simple and savory chicken butter adds an extra something you may not have known you needed. If you’re missing the flavor that beef brings, but want to explore other patties, maybe you lean on a brush-on seasoning to get the job done. Or a caramelized onion sauce? No gluten, but loads of flavor. Once you make a batch, you should go on and make a Bourbon & Caramelized Onion Bacon Burger. Pick your protein and enjoy each bite. Just like you would if you followed up with this Lamb Burger. You should make it immediately.

We could go on and on, but it may be best if you roll through the hundreds of recipes waiting for your signature touch. Of course, we do have a whole line-up of ready-to-use sauces to add a little extra oomph. If you want to try them or tell us how you made magic with them, we’d sure love to know. Drop us a line at and we’ll get back to you right away. Plus, you can always find us on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter, too, where there’s a pretty high likelihood we’ll be talking about burgers and non-burgers from time to time, if not all the time.

Bo Chhay
Manager, Insight & Communication
Custom Culinary, Inc.