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August 27, 2019

Is It Still Summer?

College football season has officially kicked off, most schools are back in session, and a few leaves fell as I sat to write this post. We’ve covered so much—Burgers Beyond BeefNext Gen LatinSeoul Food—and have much ahead, but right now it may be best to consider what to cook in the last days of the season. Lobster Rolls, for instance, are as summery as it gets. Take a trip and find the best one. Be sure to write to us and tell us where to go, will you? If you can’t get away (or when you’re back) and find yourself ready to cook, know that we have ideas.


When speaking of lobster, there’s no shortage of options. Perhaps a simple pasta salad with a lobster-infused vinaigrette dressing or a decadent lobster alfredo sauce to serve on anything really. Personally, I like it on a bed of roasted vegetables, but housemade pasta is a version of perfect, too. When you learn how simple it is, you might put it on everything. If you’d like something for sandwiches, a lobster, Dijon, and red pepper sauce is a beautiful choice and looks just as nice atop crab cakes. Of course, a simple lobster bisque is the right start for any meal, especially the ones you might host on a patio with a cool breeze and an inspired wine list.

In most areas, the harvest is reaching its peak and the offer of seasonally-fresh fruits and vegetables is real. Grilling a heap of summer vegetables and dressing with a surprising flavor will likely earn you a pat on the back. Or share your hopes for an Indian Summer by naming a soup after it and serve well into the fall. Even better, change the vegetables as the season winds down and slides right into the next. That’s about the time you should offer this award-winning butternut squash recipe and add a signature touch to grab awards of your own.

While the freshness is abundant, why not feature a salad menu that brings the best to the table? An Asian Chicken Salad will fit the ticket with on-trend flavor profiles and the appeal of seasonal greens, fruits, and vegetables. Or keep it classic and go with a mainstream Chicken Salad that can fill a lettuce leaf, round out a crudité plate, or complement toasted bread. Here’s another idea: Layer a piece of rustic toast with sun-dried tomato pesto, call it what you might, and serve it all day. Bruschetta still works in our mind, but that was before a slice of avocado made humble slices of bread trendy. We say, run with it. In fact, we sat at a hot little pizza joint yesterday and watched as dozens of bruschetta orders left the kitchen.

If temperatures are still high in your neck of the woods, a plate of cold noodles may fit the bill. We especially like this Thai-Style Peanut and Noodle Salad. It screams summertime, works all day, and does well for orders to go, too. Don’t forget, if you’re bringing in noodles, you can also consider a line-up of broth bowls. Still on fire, still delicious, and always infinitely customizable.

For more ideas, we have loads waiting for you in the library. Plus, you know where you can find us and if you don’t, start here. We’ll be waiting for your best Lobster Roll story. Or track us down on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn, too. We’re usually there attempting to keep up with the abundance of inspiration and adding food articles to our reading list, like this article on rethinking food packaging and a nudge to make the cocktail of summer 2019, just in time to pair with all of your summer dishes. Happy cooking!

Bo Chhay
Manager, Insight & Communication
Custom Culinary, Inc.