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September 19, 2019

September Is The Season For Soup

September is a good time for reflection around here, and an even better time to think about soup. We often set aside time to start searching through the archives to see where we’ve been and where we might go next. This tortilla soup is one that comes to mind, one that we’ve made hundreds of times, hundreds of ways, by trading out the vegetables and swapping in proteins. The same is true of this vegetable soup—eternally versatile, flexible, and forgiving. Just like our roasted vegetable base in which all soups can be built upon, just as we did with our version of Butternut Squash and Apple Soup.


We might play with a cold soup before the temperatures get away from us and see if we can settle on something new and blog-worthy. Perhaps we’ll trade the cucumbers and dill for something else just as green, just as fragrant, but as unexpected as possible. Pairing with a cold sandwich may be the perfect complement, of course. We’ll try a new twist between bites.

Playing with legumes is on the list, too. We’re heading into cooler months and will want to build up our arsenal of soups packed with wholesome ingredients, hearty grains, and healthy proteins. This Chicken Lentil Soup feels like fall, just as this Cuban Black Bean Soup feels like comfort. Brown Lentils play a supporting role in the Marakesh Autumn Soup, just as our Gold Label Chicken Base does for many of our favorite soups.

Gathering around a bowl of soup is as therapeutic as most anything. When you finally sit to take a bite, perhaps you’ll reminisce on the first bowl you ever tried. We’ll be having similar chats around our tables this week, along with declarations of which cookbooks we plan to pick up for fall inspiration, how-to tips we picked up from our moms about cooking, and the healing power of soup. This article is worth a read, about how a stew can remind you of home. Much like an aroma or a melody.

As we review and think of all the ideas we’d like to write up next, know we have a few waiting for you in the library. You can always reach out here with any questions or suggestions. We’re all ears. Or track us down on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn, too. We’re usually there. Mostly, we’re hoping this season is treating you well, with many amazing meals behind you and ahead. Maybe at a hot spot from this sacred list, or a neighborhood spot. All the same, in our opinion, especially when the time is spent connecting with others.

Bo Chhay
Manager, Insight & Communication
Custom Culinary, Inc.