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September 1, 2020

2020 Brought Uncertainty. Soup Brings Comfort.

In a time of crisis, consumers gravitate to familiar foods, nostalgic favorites, and approachable classics. And the last quarter proved it as we watched eating habits shift from a state of exploration to a state of familiar, with items like pizza, burgers, and pasta topping the list. The desire for comforting foods is predicted to continue through 2020 and into 2021 as consumers ready themselves for the next season—cooler weather, back-to-school uncertainty, and flu season. In other words, soup season has arrived.

More and more, soup has become a platform for exploring new trending flavors, an opportunity to try something new in a familiar format, and a perfect vessel for upcycling proteins and produce that might otherwise go to waste. In our most recent white paper, we dug into consumer sentiment on soup and explored how the bowl can deliver against consumer needs and top trends. Also, we’ve shared our top tips and takeaways.

In our white paper covering the comfort of soup, you’ll find dozens of tips and insights, such as:

  • One-fourth of consumers are eating healthier since the onset of Covid-19. Balancing health with comfort is the trick, motivated by the desire to build immunity and reduce stress.
  • The perception of “better for you” benefits is a compelling selling point as patrons seek to incorporate superfoods into their diet rather than having to completely change their lifestyle or behavior.
  • Thirty percent of consumers are craving the dishes that are hard to make at home, according to Datassential. Even more, 21% of consumers say global foods and flavors are what they’re looking forward to ordering from restaurants right now.
  • Over half of consumers are not ready to dine out just yet, but many plan to increase spending on food delivery and takeout while they wait.

The foodservice industry is in recovery mode. And many of the current trends will stay around a bit longer. Comfort, value, and growth of delivery, to name a few. But as we move into the fall, consumers will be seeking familiar favorites, trusted routines, and foods that bring memories of normal times. Sounds like the right time for a comforting bowl of soup, right?

Joe Beitzel
Brand Marketing Director
Custom Culinary, Inc.