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November 20, 2020

Blossoming Botanicals for the Senses

As consumer tastes evolve and become more sophisticated, botanical flavors answer the call with their nuanced flavors, both complex in flavor and function. Plants such as elderflower, hibiscus, wild fennel, turmeric, sage, and moringa can coax complex flavors out of the right ingredient pairings and may offer a range of health benefits. And while most commonly utilized in beverages—think wholesome tinctures and teas, as well as vibrant cocktails and botanical beers—floral notes, are sprouting up in desserts and savory dishes, too.

With a renewed focus on functional foods, botanicals have a long runway ahead. Elderflower, for example, is on the rise with a growth rate of nearly +50% in the last 4 years and loaded with health benefits. Others are growing, too, like Hibiscus at +73% and Turmeric growing at a rate just shy of +200%! Health benefits galore, plus the added benefits of flavor, color and fresh-from-the-garden aromas. Mix into a beverage where botanicals are commonly used, spritz onto the plate, or drizzle a signature infused honey on house-made desserts. Fun complement: a beekeeper suit.     
Dining is a sensory experience, folks. And botanicals play a role that can hardly be matched. The rich smells of a simmering stew with the inclusion of freshly chopped herbs become even more complete. The appeal of a perfectly seasoned soup with the vibrant flavor of wild fennel bring memory-evoking aromas well before the first bite. The scents, the texture, the colors, the flavor—all elements make the dish and bring satisfaction to diners.
We’ve uncovered ways to incorporate natural, herbaceous flavors into refined sauces, dressings, coatings, and more. You can find a few ideas right here and know our culinary team is always adding more on-trend dishes to try. With a quick keyword search or a scroll within categories, you’ll have inspiration at your fingertips. While you’re at it, be sure to visit us on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook for more. We’ll see you there (with a steaming mug of turmeric tea in hand).


Joe Beitzel
Brand Marketing Director
Custom Culinary, Inc.