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December 28, 2020

The Veganuary Challenge

In an effort to inspire and support vegan eating, the Veganuary group, based in the UK, puts out a challenge for people to try a vegan lifestyle through the entire month of January. The challenge was first presented in 2014, and since, Veganuary claims they’ve had over one million participants across 192 countries. The past couple years have shown major growth in the movement, making headlines and demanding more vegan products.
Many reasons exist to go vegan: nutrition, ethical treatment of animals, and environmental impact are just a few. And while January may see a boom in trials of the vegan lifestyle, there’s no doubt that beyond the first month of the year we will continue to see an uptick in plant-based eating. Meatless Mondays have had a steady following for years and it was reported in 2019 that one in five U.S. consumers identified as flexitarian (meat eaters who make an effort to reduce meat consumption). In fact, Grubhub’s 2020 Year in Food revealed that the popularity of meat alternatives soared by 463% over the past year. 
tomatilloveganbowl_600x425-(1).pngDoes your menu offer choices for diners seeking plant-based offerings? These Black Bean and Sweet Potato Enchiladas are the perfect balance of familiar and craveable, yet completely vegan. Create something indulgent, elevated, and vegan with made-from-scratch chickpea fries atop this poutine. Or maybe quick-to-assemble ethnic Grain and Vegetable Bowls are better suited for your operation. This version is vegan, but guests could easily customize with meat and cheese.  We have a variety of products that will help you easily execute vegan dishes full of flavor. Across the board, our portfolio is filled with staple ingredients that fit vegan standards such as our Chef’s Own™ Chicken-Style Vegetable Base or True Foundations™ Liquid Vegetable Stock Concentrate. And for globally-inspired dishes, try Custom Culinary® sauces in flavors like Al Pastor and Tomatillo Serrano, Thai-style broth, or Master’s Touch® Ancho flavor concentrate.
We’re excited to fill 2021 with plant-based inspiration. Our 2021 Top Trends will kick off in February with “Plant Forward Future”, and our culinary team is working hard putting together a Plant Forward Cookery series, so be on the lookout for this creative content. Whether you dive head-first into Veganuary, or just dip your toe in the water by placing one vegan entrée on your menu, we hope you’ll find products and inspiration from us. We’ll see you in 2021!


Joe Beitzel
Brand Marketing Director
Custom Culinary, Inc.