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September 2, 2020

What to Cook Right Now

Summer may be coming to an end, friends, but the climate still begs for outdoor dining. And what better way to lure guests in than the smells of smoke, the flavors brought by fire, and an open-air patio. Summer produce is still available, after all, and consumers are anxious to forget the stress of the season for at least a moment. You, too? Let’s get to cooking. We have the recipes to serve.
Smokey Sweet Potato Soup is a nice place to start. Smokey leans into our trend of the month and serves as an introduction to all the warmth ahead as the autumn months roll in. Brimming with mashed sweet potatoes, orange zest, chili powder, and smoked paprika, this craveable soup brings a robust combination of flavors to the table. Pair with a salad for a light lunch or serve alongside grilled chicken and veggies.
Speaking of grilling, this Blazing Applewood Grilled Chicken Sandwich is a favorite of ours. Far beyond the traditional chicken sandwich, this one is overflowing with unique ingredients and unexpected flavors. Using our Jalapeno Relish as the base, we’ve created a grilled pineapple jalapeno relish to bring out the sweet and spicy combo guests are sure to love. Layer in the Applewood grilled chicken, crispy shaved onion, and flaked coconut, and serve on a bojillo roll. A new classic, indeed.
Much like our Whiskey BBQ Pork Chop. The flavors of Whiskey continue to trend across menus and this bold application will not disappoint. A BBQ-style bone-in pork chop will be the star of the show, coated with our bestselling Pork BBQ Spice Rub before pan-searing and caramelizing the edges well. Top with a demi-glace loaded with charred tomatoes, shallots, and jalapenos, and serve alongside root vegetables.  

BBQ is always a safe bet, especially when comfort food is in high demand. To offer a slight twist to weary consumers, offer a Korean BBQ Burger. Familiar, yet packed with the complex flavors of Korean Barbecue Sauce, Kimchi, and shiitake mushrooms. For an indulgent option, we suggest The Champion Burger. Another twist on a classic, this burger plays up the alcohol-infused trend with our Kentucky-Style Bourbon Sauce and keeps the flavor coming with black forest ham, swiss cheese, smoked bacon, fried egg, and grilled onions.
Of course, we have hundreds of other recipes ready for you if these suggestons are not quite right. With a quick keyword search or a scroll within categories, you’ll have inspiration at your fingertips. While you’re at it, visit us on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook to share your tips and tricks for bringing smoke to your menu. Or check out Chef David Russell’s recent blog post. A competitive BBQ pitmaster, he has tons of tricks up his sleeve. Until next time, add some fire to your flavor!

Joe Beitzel
Brand Marketing Director
Custom Culinary, Inc.