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3 Digital Trends that are Sticking Around

September 6, 2021

Much of the technology that aided operators in surviving the past 18 months already existed, but of course, was hurled into the spotlight at the onset of shutdowns. In 2019, 32% of consumers had an affinity for automation in restaurants. That number has recently jumped to 52%,1 no doubt in response to the increase in exposure and usage since March of 2020. But these technologies go beyond pandemic norms, rooting themselves deeply in the expectations consumers have of foodservice operations such as safety and convenience.
There’s a lengthy list of benefits for operators as well upon embracing digital innovations—from reducing errors and raising customer satisfaction, to encouraging chef creativity and relieving labor issues. Now’s the time to take advantage of the digital evolution to meet customer, and your own, needs.
We’ve created a quick guide as a jumping off point as you consider digital priorities. Here’s an overview of the three focus areas you’ll find within the report.

  1. Get Creative with Digital Menus: Ditching the traditional paper menu allows for chef creativity and flexibility—while also saving money and the environment.  

  2. Elevate Your Digital Presence: With takeout and delivery staying strong, it’s crucial to refine ordering and payment processes. Also, take control of all your online access points, such as Google Places and Yelp, to ensure accuracy and up-to-date information available at your customers’ fingertips.

  3. Reap Rewards: App-based reward programs can reap big benefits for your operation through more visits and data collection.

We hope you’ll take on the tech challenge to meet consumers where they are, whether that is social media, a search engine, or sitting at one of your tables. We know there can be apprehensions, but we’re here to help make the changes worth it—let us be a partner as you plan. For more business building ideas, be sure to follow us across our social media platforms (Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook), subscribe to our newsletter, hear our chefs on their podcast, and check in frequently to our blog.

Until next time!


Joe Beitzel
Brand Marketing Director
Custom Culinary, Inc.

1 Datassential,The Simply Smarter Webinar: S3EP15 - Two Steps Forward, One Step Back, July 2021