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June 21, 2021

Building Your Bottom Line and a Dependable Staff

The past year has proven what we’ve known all along: the foodservice industry is strong, creative, and resilient. It is also beloved by consumers and an important part of our culture. While we still find ourselves in a time of recovery and many diners are not currently eating out, half of consumers are ready to return to (or have already started) pre-pandemic spending habits, routines, and activities. Consumers are returning to dining rooms; 43% of those already vaccinated have eaten in a dining room over the past 2 weeks, and 44% of those who are not vaccinated have done the same (Datassential).
However, operators find themselves in the thick of staffing issues. While we have consistently watched restaurant employment rise for five months in a row, it remains below pre-pandemic levels. One-and-a-half million jobs at eating and drinking places need to be filled to fully recover from the Covid-19 crisis (National Restaurant Association, June 2021).
Now is the time to be bold and decisive as you restore your operation to pre-pandemic times and adjust to new consumer expectations. To help you determine priorities and create an action plan, we’ve created a quick guide with tips for building your bottom line as well as a dependable staff. In this short read you will find three focus areas with execution examples for your operation.

  1. Value-Add Solutions: Ready-made products and new technologies can decrease the load on everyone’s plate.

  2. Take Care of the Crew: The only thing more important than making new hires when you are low on staff is not losing the crew you already have!

  3. Take Control: Grab the reigns where you can to tend to the bottom line. Evaluate ingredient versatility and cross-utilization and focus on high margin items.

Don’t miss the extra promotional tips within the report. These “Spread the Word” reminders can serve as a check list to ensure you are taking advantage of every opportunity to communicate the positive ins-and-outs of your operation, whether it is a new benefit to guests such as a text message reservation option or a staff appreciation social media post.  
These key areas can help you hone in on basics that can make a big difference to the bottom line. We’re here to help you strategize with consumer insights, menu concepts, on-trend ingredients, and high-margin recipes if you need a hand.

Your creativity and resilience have gotten you this far—keep up the hard work!


Joe Beitzel
Brand Marketing Director
Custom Culinary, Inc.