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Volume 3 | Issue 05

May 11, 2017

AM Flavors On PM Menus


Wake up and smell the coffee: breakfast is hotter than ever! In fact, total breakfast occasions are forecast to grow 5% through 2019. But why limit the appearance of popular breakfast flavors to only the morning hours? Rethinking the marinades, toppings and condiments that accompany non-breakfast items (such as burgers, pizza and salads) to include twists on flavors of hollandaise sauce, syrup or jam is one easy way to get started with AM-PM mashup dishes. Nighthawk Breakfast Bar in Venice, California, for example, serves a "Bigbird & Shortstack" with buttermilk fried chicken, sweet potato pancakes, gochujang butter and Vermont maple syrup.

Additionally, traditional center-of-the-plate breakfast items can be reworked to pull double duty at lunch or dinner. Consumers are embracing innovative dishes like savory oatmeal bowls topped with sun-dried tomato and basil pesto, or waffle tacos with chorizo, black beans and ranchero sauce. A balance of sweet and savory flavors is essential for creating dishes that will leave a lasting impression, no matter the daypart.

Bacon at breakfast? A no-brainer. But why not incorporate the flavor of bacon into beverage, entrée and dessert applications, too? Learn how in our latest video, featuring new Custom Culinary® Gold Label Bacon Base recipes.



Low Country Chicken with Cajun Hollandaise Sauce
The versatility of hollandaise sauce extends beyond Eggs Benedict! Try our zesty Cajun hollandaise recipe over savory marinated broiled chicken. View Recipe

Pork Belly Sandwich with Warm Apple
Bacon Compote

Savory jams and jellies easily add breakfast flavors to lunch or dinner entrées. This sandwich, featuring an apple and bacon compote, is the perfect example. View Recipe

Sun-Dried Apricot Southwestern Dressing
This bright, citrusy dressing combines fresh fruit juices with savory ingredients to create an exciting Southwestern-inspired flavor profile. 

Blazing Applewood Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Fresh fruit and applewood smoke—elements of breakfast dishes that are transformed to create a tropical chicken sandwich that works at any daypart. View Recipe


Thanks to delicious sauces, jams and bases from Custom Culinary®, it’s never been a better time to add breakfast-inspired flavor to dishes across the menu.

Chef Talk

Chef Michael Smith recounts his delicious trip to Seoul —from the jaw-dropping grocery stores to BBQ joints to street carts—and share how the memorable dishes he tried can inspire your own menu.

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