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Volume 3 | Issue 03

April 14, 2017

Plant-Based Power


The benefits of plant-based diets—whether health-related, environmental or ethical—are starting to appeal to a wider audience. Improvements in texture and flavor have sparked growth of pulled jackfruit, pea protein burgers and other meat substitutes in both retail and foodservice. These nutrient-dense ingredients are making their way into BBQ sandwiches, soups, tacos and more. Vegetarian and vegan chains that embrace the trend through big flavors and innovative signature dishes—including Native Foods Café, Veggie Grill and Maoz Vegetarian—give “ugly” veggies and root-to-stem preparations an opportunity to shine on the plate.




Sun-dried Tomato Pesto Bruschetta and Tomato, Olive and Mozzarella Salad
This delicious appetizer duo is easy to prepare and brings the fresh flavors of Mediterranean cuisine to any menu.
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Thai-style Peanut and Noodle Salad
A vibrant, light salad that’s as colorful as it is delicious. Can be served on its own or topped with additional marinated vegetables.
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Japanese Soba Noodle Bowl
Dishes can be transformed into veggie-friendly versions with a few simple substitutions. Use Custom Culinary® Gold Label Mirepoix Base in the broth recipe, and serve with sautéed tofu instead of chicken.
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Chef Talk

Chef Michael Smith recounts his delicious trip to Seoul —from the jaw-dropping grocery stores to BBQ joints to street carts—and share how the memorable dishes he tried can inspire your own menu.

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