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Volume 3 | Issue 06

June 17, 2017

Regional American BBQ


Rooted in tradition but evolving to meet the demands of today’s consumers, regional American barbecue comprises an astounding variety of proteins, sauces, spice rubs and techniques. To the purist, “barbecue” means cooking meat indirectly with charcoal or wood—from hickory-smoked chicken in Alabama to Chicago-style hot links prepared in an aquarium smoker. A more relaxed definition encompasses direct cooking or grilling, such as Maryland pit beef or Santa Maria, California tri-tip. The appeal of barbecue extends beyond sandwiches and “pick two” platters. Beef brisket, common in Texas, can be found in breakfast hash, nachos and more. Apple, maple and pecan wood smoke flavors are popping up in side dishes and desserts, too.




Barbecued Clams with Corn Salsa
Patrons will love these smoky grilled clams, accented with delicious flavors of the American Southwest. View Recipe

Fire-Roasted Ranchero Pulled Pork Sliders
These savory sliders are all about the balance of flavor and texture, with cool coleslaw to balance out the bold ranchero braising sauce. View Recipe

Mustard Beef Demi-Glace
This complex sauce is perfect for enhancing barbecue beef ribs or brisket. View Recipe

Southern Comfort Creamy Bourbon Sauce
The alcohol-infused flavor trend comes alive in this sweet and creamy sauce. View Recipe


Enhance signature barbecue sauces, along with marinades and side dishes, with ready-to-use products from Custom Culinary®.

Chef Talk

Chef Michael Smith recounts his delicious trip to Seoul —from the jaw-dropping grocery stores to BBQ joints to street carts—and share how the memorable dishes he tried can inspire your own menu.

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