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Volume 3 | Issue 02

February 16, 2017

Welcome To Cuba


As foodies in the U.S. gain the opportunity to travel and experience Cuban cuisine firsthand, they’re helping generate excitement about the country’s delicious signature dishes and complex culinary history. Colonialism, revolution and geography have each played a major role in shaping Cuban cuisine. Ingredients that were once plentiful can be difficult to find today, and the preservation of authentic recipes is top-of-mind for chefs. Taking its influence from Spanish, African and Caribbean cuisine, Cuban fare is famous for slow cooking techniques that bring out rich, comforting flavors. The principles of Cuban cuisine can be applied to American menus, creating stews, braised meats, sandwiches and desserts with universal appeal.

Join us in the kitchen with Raquel Black, chef-owner of Caribbean Corner, for an
exciting taste of Cuban cuisine in Downers Grove, Illinois. 



Citrus-Chili Cuban-Style Sandwich
Bring the classic Cuban sandwich to the menu with ease. Sandwiches can be prepared in advance, then buttered and grilled to order.
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Cuban Black Bean Soup
Slowly simmered in a chicken and ham broth, this flavorful dish adds Cuban flair to daily soup offerings. 
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Mojo Marinade
This mojo recipe is unbelievably versatile as a marinade for pork, poultry and seafood—or even as a finishing or dipping sauce.
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Indulgent dishes grounded in premium ingredients help bring the carnival cuisine trend to life on your menu. Our products deliver those bold flavors with operational ease. 

Chef Talk

Chef Michael Smith recounts his delicious trip to Seoul —from the jaw-dropping grocery stores to BBQ joints to street carts—and share how the memorable dishes he tried can inspire your own menu.

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