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Hot Sauce Heat Wave
11/1/2018 — The humble burger has become a platform for exciting culinary innovation as demand for alternatives to the classic beef patty continues to grow.
Elevated Fried Chicken
10/18/2018 - Delectable seasonings, juicy meat and an unforgettable, satisfying crunch—is it any surprise that fried chicken is one of the world’s most beloved and popular foods?
A Toast, To Toast
9/12/2018 - Toast, the humble breakfast staple, is now a versatile canvas for all ingredients sweet and savory—thanks, of course, to the remarkable rise of avocado toast.
Hooked On Seafood
8/8/2018 - Seafood consumption is on the rise as consumers look to limit their red meat intake and embrace “flexitarian” dining habits.
Cruising The Mediterranean
7/13/2018 - The next wave of global cuisine set to make a splash on American menus can be found along the Mediterranean coast.
Global Grab & Go
6/6/2018 - From the hawker centers of Singapore to the roadside taquerias of Mexico—fresh and flavorful street food can be found all over the world
Carnival Cuisine
5/4/2018 - Say the phrase “carnival food” and what comes to mind? Food on a stick, deep-fried anything and shareable snacks that make a visual impact.
Lowcountry Lowdown
4/6/2018 - Local seafood, rice and produce abound in Lowcountry cuisine, the signature fare of the coastal regions of South Carolina and Georgia.
Noodle Bowl Obsession
3/6/2018 - Asian noodle bowls combine elements of rustic simplicity with complex, rich flavors—making this culinary category one of the most exciting to hit American menus in recent years.
Umami Bomb
2/8/2018 - Harness the power of umami to create menu items that are savory, craveable and rich in complex flavor.
2018 Top 10 Trends Overview
1/9/2018 - The team at Custom Culinary® is always on the hunt for the next big ideas in foodservice—leveraging our wide array of tools to deliver best-in-class insights.