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Volume 4 | Issue 11

November 1, 2018

Hot Sauce Heat Wave


There’s no denying the power sriracha has shown on restaurant menus over the past few years, and consumer demand for spicy flavors continues to grow. While “rooster sauce” is still going strong, don’t forget that variety *is* the spice of life! Hot sauce is more than just a finishing touch—try it as an ingredient, too. Spicy global condiments can be mixed with yogurt to mellow the heat and add texture; perfect for creating signature dips and dressings. The aromatic Middle Eastern condiment zhug (also spelled skhug or shug) is often served this way. Or, use hot sauce as a marinade—perfect for poultry or seafood entrées. We’re seeing Portuguese piri piri heat up grilled chicken and wings at a remarkable rate! Familiar dishes like tacos, sandwiches and pizza can all be enhanced with hot sauces and chile-based condiments. Topping a burger with gochujang aioli instead of ketchup and mayo adds complexity to a beloved menu item. Whether they deliver a slow burn or make an instant impact, hot sauces inspired by global cuisine infuse your menu with excitement and memorable flavor.


Heat comes in many forms, and Custom Culinary® can help you bring a unique perspective to the menu with recipes showcasing a variety of chilies in sauces, flavor concentrates and bases.


Pollo Con Ancho Street Tacos
Juicy chicken thighs are marinated in Custom Culinary® Master’s Touch® Southwest and Ancho Flavor Concentrates and Gold Label True Foundations™ Chicken Liquid Stock Concentrate, served in grilled tortillas topped with Gold Label Jalapeño Relish slaw and Greek yogurt–Gold Label Latin-Style Citrus Chili Sauce.
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Orange Beer Battered Fish Sandwich with Harissa Tartar Sauce
Cod fillets coated in Belgian-style ale and orange tempura batter, fried and served on toasted brioche with a zesty Custom Culinary® Gold Label Harissa tartar sauce
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Chipotle Mango Ice Cream Sundae
Sweet meets spicy in this combination of vanilla ice cream, diced mango, dark chocolate and cashews drizzled with chipotle-spiced caramel sauce, featuring Custom Culinary® Master’s Touch® Chipotle Flavor Concentrate.
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Sriracha Lime Ramen Bowl
Sriracha takes on a new form as the foundation of a flavorful ramen broth, made with Custom Culinary® Master’s Touch® Sriracha Lime Flavor Concentrate and Gold Label Chicken Base, packed with vegetables, chicken and noodles.
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Latin Citrus Chili Oaxacan Burger
Custom Culinary® Gold Label Latin Style Citrus Chili Sauce is used two ways: to flavor up the ground beef patty as well as create a bold mayonnaise. The burger is served on a toasted bun, dressed with red onion and avocado
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Seeded Tartine
Toasted brioche topped with ricotta and Custom Culinary® Seeded Hot Honey, a buckwheat honey studded with poppy seeds, sunflower seeds, flax, sesame seeds and cayenne pepper.

Branzino with Green Harissa
A citrus-stuffed whole branzino brushed with Custom Culinary® Green Chile Harissa, charred over an open flame and served over preserved lemon couscous, with tabbouleh, fresh mint and tahini vinaigrette.

Yemenite Spiced Rack of Lamb
Custom Culinary® Red Pepper Zhug and aromatics brushed over a frenched rack of lamb, seared over an open flame and served with fenugreek rice, golden raisins and pickled radishes.

Smoked Tallow Flank Steak
Seared flank steak, sliced and topped with a smoked tallow and herbaceous Custom Culinary® Chilean Pebre Sauce vinaigrette, served with roasted potatoes and charred broccolini.

Shrimp and Sambal Grits
Grilled shrimp doused in nam prik pao, served over creamy grits folded with Custom Culinary® Charred Scallion Sambal and finished with fresh herbs and a drizzle of toasted sesame oil.


Zesty and bold, these products from Custom Culinary® are sure to heat up your menu!


  • Seeded Hot Honey
  • Green Chile Harissa
  • Red Pepper Zhug
  • Chilean Pebre Sauce
  • Charred Scallion Sambal
*Products are customized; please contact your Custom Culinary® representative for more information.


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