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Volume 5 | Issue 06

June 17, 2019

Seoul Food


Sweet, spicy, savory, tangy and fermented flavors come together in the mouthwatering specialties of Korean cuisine. As American palates become more accustomed to Korean flavors, we’re seeing a mix of fusion-inspired tacos, burgers and fried chicken dishes alongside more traditional bibimbap, japchae and kalbi. This combination of authentic and approachable is helping to solidify Korean fare as one of the most influential global cuisines on American menus today. Condiments and sauces featuring the flavors of gochujang, kimchi and Korean barbecue are especially popular and surprisingly versatile; try them on sandwiches, pizza, wings and rice or noodle bowls in order to introduce your patrons to new flavors in a familiar format.

Authentic, on-trend Korean fare is within reach, thanks to ready-to-use products from Custom Culinary® make the process easy. Watch our video! Click here for full recipe.

Introduce your patrons to the unique flavors of Korean cuisine through a mix of authentically inspired dishes and “safe experimentation” menu items they already know and love. Try these recipes, featuring new Custom Culinary® Authentic Korean Flavors and other products from our versatile portfolio.Introduce your patrons to the unique flavors of Korean cuisine through a mix of authentically inspired dishes and “safe experimentation” menu items they already know and love. Try these recipes, featuring new Custom Culinary® Authentic Korean Flavors and other products from our versatile portfolio.


Classic Bibimbap
Warm white rice topped with assorted vegetables, Custom Culinary® Kimchi Prep-dressed napa cabbage, grilled Custom Culinary® Bulgogi Marinade-seasoned skirt steak, roasted pork belly and a fried egg, served with Custom Culinary® Bibimbap Sauce.
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Korean BBQ Chicken Tacos
Sliced grilled chicken breast with a drizzle of Korean-Style Barbecue Sauce, diced mango, Cotija cheese and cilantro, served on grilled flour tortillas with lime.
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Loaded Kimchi Fries
Hand-cut french fries topped with a spicy kimchi and peanut slaw, made with Custom Culinary® Kimchi Prep, cabbage, carrots, red bell pepper and roasted peanuts. Served with Custom Culinary® Bibimbap Sauce mayo for dipping.
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Sweet 'n' Spicy Korean Fried Chicken
Crispy chicken wings dressed in Custom Culinary® Korean-Style Sweet Heat Sauce, garnished with toasted sesame seeds and scallions.
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Korean Bulgogi BBQ Sandwich
Skirt steak marinated overnight in Custom Culinary® Bulgogi Marinade, served on a crusty French roll with pickled cucumber and carrot, scallions and Custom Culinary® Bibimbap Sauce-infused mayo.
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Korean Paella
Short-grain rice braised in spicy Custom Culinary® Budae-jjigae (Kimchi Stew) broth, topped with fiery chicken, crispy SPAM, chili squid, enoki mushrooms and roasted kimchi. Finished with a drizzle of kewpie mayo, slivered scallions and toasted sesame seeds.   

Spiced Honey Toast
Custom Culinary® Gochujang Hot Honey
 studded with toasted fennel, sesame seeds and poppy seeds, drizzled over thick-cut grilled sourdough spread with farmer’s cheese, roasted squash and chervil.

Bulgogi Dip Sandwich
Thinly shaved charcoal-grilled bulgogi stuffed into a crispy French roll and topped with kimchi, submerged in a savory Custom Culinary® Doenjang (Soybean Paste) Soup and served “wet.”

Seoul Royale
Sweet, tangy Custom Culinary® Soju, Plum and Ginseng Chutney in a champagne glass, layered with a shot of sweet plum wine and topped off with prosecco. Garnished with a lotus flower petal.

Korean BBQ Pizza
Woodfired pizza crust loaded with melty mozzarella, kimchi and shredded beef prepared in Custom Culinary® Bulgogi Marinade. Finished with fresh scallions and a drizzle of Custom Culinary® Ssamjang Sauce.


Serve up bold Korean-inspired dishes with ease, thanks to unique ready-to-use products from Custom Culinary®.


  • Budae-jjigae (Kimchi Stew)
  • Gochujang Hot Honey
  • Doenjang (Soybean Paste) Soup
  • Soju, Plum and Ginseng Chutney
  • Ssamjang Sauce
*Products are customized; please contact your Custom Culinary® representative for more information.


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Chef Talk

Chef Michael Smith recounts his delicious trip to Seoul —from the jaw-dropping grocery stores to BBQ joints to street carts—and share how the memorable dishes he tried can inspire your own menu.

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