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We’re sharing the next big flavor, ingredient and operational trends that will impact our industry. Our focus is on the future and thinking about the ways in which we can help our partners succeed with innovative approaches to meet the evolving needs of consumers and our shared planet.
These trends are framed through the lens of our current environment, while being shaped by insights from our global network of chefs and market research experts who are truly passionate about food. The goal of our trends program is to inspire you, support you and work together on your next culinary innovation.



Looking to mix things up? Start with a tried-and-true combination, such as sweet-and-salty or creamy-and-tart, to create unique complementary flavor pairings that brighten menus and retail offerings. Take inspiration from sweet-and-spicy al pastor with grilled pineapple, for example, and serve up spicy chorizo tacos with cool watermelon salsa. These mashups can cross cuisine styles, too, like a skewer of Thai-spiced sausage served over sweet chile-glazed vegetables—inspired in format by the richly seasoned kebabs found in Middle Eastern cuisine. Pairings and mashups help customers beat flavor fatigue, no matter what the daypart... READ MORE

Explore OUR Top 10 Trends of 2021 so Far:

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