Southwest Cornbread

An enticing starter perfect for a small bite before the main course. Featuring Custom Culinary® Master’s Touch® Southwest Flavor Concentrate. Southwest Cornbread is a perfect blend of corn, cheese and the exciting flavors of the American Southwest.

Made with:

What You'll Need

Amount Ingredients
  Custom Culinary® PanRoast® Southwest Flavor Concentrate
  Water (to make broth)
5 lbs. Cornbread or Corn Muffin Mix
2 cups Cheddar or Jack Cheese, Shredded


  1. Replace water in directions on biscuit mix package with equal amounts of southwest broth made with Gold Label Southwest Base.
  2. Combine ingredients and bake following cornbread or corn muffin mix directions.

Chef Tips

Mixing and baking instructions will vary per manufacturer. The base to water ratio will always be 3/4 tsp per cup, or 1TBSP per qt. If baking mix calls for 1 qt of water per 5# box of mix, you would use 1 qt water and 1 TBSP base.