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Orange Habanero Margarita

Orange Habanero Margarita

Exotic ingredients brought together to add intense flavors in a familiar application. Featuring Custom Culinary® Habanero Orange Sauce and Mole Negro, combined with the flavors of tequila and fresh lime juice.

What You'll Need

2 cups Tequila
10 oz. Fresh lime juice
6 ea. Lime wedges
6 oz. Custom Culinary® Habanero Orange Sauce
6 oz. Simple syrup
Garnish Tajin® 
Garnish Custom Culinary® Mole Negro

1. Mix tequila, lime juice, Habanero Orange sauce, and simple syrup together. Stir well.  
2. Rim half of the glass with Tajin, and Mole for other half.           
3. Fill glass with ice, pour drink mixture over ice, garnish with lime wedge. Serve immediately.