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Across all restaurant subsegments, diners are changing the way they eat away from home and operators have to constantly evolve to keep up with increasing expectations. Plant-based foods are rapidly appearing at quick service and fast casual restaurants and those operators are searching for ways to offer familiar flavors with unfamiliar proteins. Global flavors and customization are major purchase drivers as customers have become more adventurous. Clean label ingredients have been more important than ever as more mindful dining takes hold. We know that restaurant operators are always looking for ways to introduce scratch-made flavor without adding to prep time or labor costs and our authentic, high-quality Custom Culinary® bases, sauces, gravies and soups are the easiest way to Be True to the Food®.




Flavor Focus

Comfort food has a special place in the hearts of diners everywhere, but even these classics can feel tired sometimes. Inject some excitement into your menu with on-trend ethnic flavors that turn go-to favorites like grilled cheese and fried chicken into revamped comfort food favorites. Amp up meatloaf with sweet-and-spicy Korean-style Sweet Heat Sauce instead of ketchup. Craft a new spin on Mac & Cheese with South of the Border sauces like Tomatillo Serrano and Al Pastor. With Custom Culinary®  Global Flavors, you can add authentic ethnic flair to any dish.