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Monetizing Food Waste

As chefs and culinary professionals, we are poised on the front line to combat food waste and inspire those we work with to do the same. Inspiration is about knowing when to guard what’s important and when to lean into life for the bigger picture of what you value and want to create. Working towards an inspired future changes everything.

Food Waste-Centric Blogs & Podcasts

A Sweet Experiment in zero waste
Food Waste Management
Purposely Repurposed: The Power of Upcycled Ingredients

Spotlighted Upcycled Menu Applications

chimichurri beet greens
Carmelized Carrot Tart with Carrot Top Salsa Verde
Bruised Tomato Galette with Leeks and Pine Nuts

Tips for Upcyling Produce

Create delicious, nutritious and profitable menu concepts utilizing your usable trim plus Custom Culinary® products.