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CUSTOM CULINARY® chef's own®

Custom Culinary® Chef’s Own® culinary flavor systems offer the highest quality and most consistent flavors in their class that enable food service and food processing professionals to create their own signature menu items at an exceptional value.

Chef's own®  

Granular and paste base formats that deliver best-in-class flavor and top quality performance when convenience and economy matter most.

Chef's Own Chicken Noodle Soup
Custom Culinary Flavor IQ
FlavorIQ® enables our customers' growth and success by approaching the creation of customized solutions with a bold mix of expertise, aspiration and curiosity. We develop unique products, menu concepts and "gold standard" flavor delivery systems, meeting the requirements of our customers today and anticipating their emerging needs, too. The opportunities we identify for operators and food manufacturers on a global scale are rooted in a deep understanding of the culinary arts, sensory science, consumer insights and food science. Our ultimate goal? Innovation without limits.