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6327 - Custom Culinary Gold Label Jalapeno Relish

Custom Culinary®Gold Label Ready-To-Use Frozen Jalapeno Relish

Formula No. 6327

Finely diced jalapeño and red bell peppers, blended with tangy red wine vinegar and a hint of sugar for a colorful, perfectly crafted sweet and spicy relish.

Vegan Vegetarian No Added MSG


Keep frozen (<15°F). For safe food handling heat to minimum temperature of 165°F


Jalapeño Peppers (With Vinegar, Salt), Sugar, Red Wine Vinegar, Corn Syrup, Red Bell Peppers, Food Starch - Modified, Distilled White Vinegar, Salt. Contains Sulfur Dioxide.

Package Info

Store frozen below 15°F. Frozen shelf life 2 years. After thawing store below 45°F for maximum of 5 days. Once opened use within 5 days.