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9651 - Custom Culinary Gold Label Kentucky-Style Bourbon Sauce

Custom Culinary® Gold Label Ready-To-Use Frozen Kentucky-Style Bourbon Sauce

Formula No. 9651

Kentucky-style bourbon glaze with a great balance of brown sugar, cider vinegar, molasses, authentic Kentucky whiskey and a hint of garlic, onion and pepper.

No Added MSG


For food safety and optimum quality, please follow these instructions. Due to variations in equipment, these instructions are guidelines only. Microwave oven: Do not microwave in bag. Heat 4 to 8 oz. loosely covered in a microwave safe dish 1 to 1-1/2 minutes. Boiling water: Heat in boiling water. Carefully place, do not drop, bags in boiling water. Remove carefully – contents will be hot. If frozen, heat 25 to 30 minutes to 165 F (74 C). If refrigerated, heat 10 to 15 minutes to 165 F (74 C). Handling Instructions: - Thaw under refrigeration only. - Heat product to 165 F (74 C). - Remove from boiling water carefully. - Product may be held under refrigeration (40 F) for no more than 5 days. - For best results, shake bag vigorously before opening or whisk briskly in steam table pan for 20 seconds before use.


Brown Sugar, Water, Salted Whiskey (Water, Kentucky Whiskey, Salt), Apple Cider Vinegar, Soy Sauce (Water, Soybeans, Salt, Sugar), Unsulphured Molasses, Corn Starch, Worcestershire Sauce Concentrate (Distilled Vinegar, Molasses, Corn Syrup, Water, Salt, Caramel Color, Garlic Powder, Sugar, Spices, Tamarind, Natural Flavor), Onion Powder, Roasted Beef, Garlic, Soybean Oil, Salt, Cayenne Pepper Sauce (Aged Cayenne Red Peppers, Vinegar, Water, And Garlic Powder), Yeast Extract, Flavorings, Spices, Caramel Color, Dehydrated Red Bell Pepper.Contains: Soy.

Package Info

Store frozen below 15°F. Frozen shelf life 2 years. After thawing store below 45°F for maximum of 5 days. Once opened use within 48 hours.