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What You'll Need

Recipe Ingredients

Yield: 3 cups sauce, 1 qt broth

Prepare Birria Sauce:
2 cups True Foundations® Harissa
1 cup True Foundations® Latin-Style Citrus Chili Sauce
2 Tbsp Guajillo Chili Powder
Prepare Birria Broth:
1 quart Master's Touch Herb Roasted  Au Jus Concentrate, prepared according to package instructions
¼ cup Masters Touch Ancho Flavor Concentrate
For each Taco:
1 ea Street Taco Tortillas (corn is best, however flour is much easier to work with)
2 oz Shredded beef
½ oz Mexican shredded cheese

  1. Prepare the broth.
  2. Prepare the sauce.
  3. Set both aside until assembly. 
To prepare each taco: 
  1. Dredge the tortilla in Birria Broth, then place a tortilla on the griddle.  (Use pan spray as needed).
  2. Place shredded beef and Mexican cheese on the tortilla. 
  3. Fold and cook to brown one side; turn and brown the other side. 
  4. When browned and the cheese is melted, serve on a plate, and lace it with prepared Birria Sauce.  (Use a squeeze bottle)