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Pho Polenta with Tempura Shrimp and Pho Sweet Dipping Glaze

Exotic ingredients brought together to add intense flavors in a familiar application. Featuring Custom Culinary® Beef Pho Broth, Pho Polenta consists of pho sweet dipping glaze, pho polenta, and tempura fried shrimp.

What You'll Need

Yield: 10 servings

Amount Ingredients
  Pho Sweet Dipping Glaze
2-1/2 cups Custom Culinary® Beef Pho Broth
2-1/2 cups Sugar
  Pho Polenta
6 cups Custom Culinary® Beef Pho Broth
2 cups Polenta
1/2 cup Parmesan or Romano Cheese, Grated
1/4 cup Butter
50 ea. Tempura Coated Shrimp, Crisp Fried, Hot

  1. In a small sauce pot over medium high heat, blend Beef Pho Broth and Sugar, bring to a boil and reduce by 3/4 volume. Remove from heat and hold warm.
  2. In a medium sauce pot, bring Beef Pho Broth to a boil, slowly pour in the polenta stirring continuously with a wooden spoon to avoid lumps. Cook for 5-8 minutes until all liquid is absorbed.
  3. Fold in cheese and butter. Hold warm.
  4. To serve: Place 1 cup of polenta into bowl or plate , top with crisp fried shrimp and 1 oz. Pho Sweet Dipping Glaze either drizzled over shrimp or in a side cup for dipping.