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Elotes Gravy Chilaquiles

Elotes Gravy Chilaquiles

The perfect accompaniment with bold and rich flavors to add to a protein or side dish. Featuring Custom Culinary® PanRoast® Country Gravy, Elotes Gravy Chilaquiles combines fire roasted corn elotes gravy with scrambled eggs, guacamole, queso, and cilantro.

What You'll Need

Yield: 6 servings

Amount Ingredients
2 cups Salsa Verde Braised Chips
2 ea. Scrambled Eggs with Chives
1/4 cup Salsa Roja
1/4 cup Guacamole
2 Tbsp. Queso Fresco
1 Tbsp. Cilantro
  Fire-Roasted Corn Elotes Gravy
3 cups Custom Culinary® PanRoast® Country Gravy
1 cup Corn
2 Tbsp. Tajin Seasoning

  1. Layer all ingredients in the order they are listed, ending with queso fresco and cilantro.