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Korean Sweet & Spicy Pork Bao

Korean Sweet & Spicy Pork Bao

Savory pulled pork is nestled in a warm bao bun topped with a crunchy cabbage slaw all finished with cilantro and a sweet and spicy Korean-style sauce. Try it as a street taco! Just swap the bao buns with flour tortillas.

What You'll Need

Recipe Ingredients

Yield: 1 serving

3 ea. Bun, bao style, 1 oz. steamed, warm 
6 oz. Pork, shoulder, smoked, pulled, crispy
3 fl. oz Custom Culinary® True Foundations®  Korean-Style Sweet Heat Sauce
3 T. Spicy Asian Slaw (see sub recipe)

  1. To assemble, gently open the folded bun and stuff 2 ounces of pork into the warm bun.
  2. Top each bun with the Korean-Style Sweet Heat Sauce and Spicy Asian Slaw.