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Shrimp and Grits Skewer

Shrimp and Grits Skewer

Featuring Gold Label True Foundations Chicken Liquid Stock Concentrate, Gold Label Lobster Base, and PanRoast® Brown Gravy Mix, Shrimp and Grits Skewer is made up of cajun shrimp, green pepper, onion, celery, grits, and lobster gravy. An enticing starter perfect for a small bite before the main course.

What You'll Need

Recipe Ingredients

Yield: Plate

Amount Ingredients
  Cajun Shrimp
1 pound Shrimp
1 tb Garlic
2 tb Blackening Spice
  Holy Trinity Grit Cubes
1 cup Yellow Onion
1/2 cup Green Pepper
1/2 cup Celery
1 tb Gold Label True Foundations Chicken Liquid Stock Concentrate
2 cups Water
1 cup Grits
1/3 cup Heavy Cream
1/4 cup Butter, Unsalted
  Lobster Gravy
4 oz. Gold Label Lobster Base
1 gallon Water
1 bag PanRoast® Brown Gravy Mix

Cajun Shrimp:
  1. In a medium saute pan, heat vegetable oil until it begins to smoke.
  2. Add shrimp and cook until they become opaque.
  3. Add garlic and blackening spice. Quickly toss to coat shrimp and remove from heat.
Holy Trinity Grit Cubes:
  1. In a medium sauce pan over medium heat, saute onion, peppers, and celery until soft and translucent.
  2. Add chicken stock and bring to a boil.
  3. Slowly add in grits while whisking constantly.
  4. Lower heat and continue stiring until grits are cooked. This should take 15-20 minutes.
  5. Finish grits with cream, butter, salt, and black pepper.
  6. Pour grits in a sheet tray lined with parchment and let set in the refrigerator for 2 hours. Grits should be about 1" deep.
  7. Once set, cut grits into 1" cubes.
  8. Fry cubes in 350F oil until golden brown.

Seafood Gravy:
  1. Whisk lobster base into warm water.
  2. Hydrate brown gravy pack with lobster base.
  3. Reserve warm.
Shrimp and Grit Skewer (Assembly):
Build each skewer by skewering the shrimp and grit cubes in the following order:
1ea shrimp - 1ea grit cube - 1ea shrimp - 1ea grit cube - 1ea shrimp

Shrimp and Grits Skewer (Plate Build):
Stack each shrimp and grit skewer on a large plate. Drizzle warm gravy over skewers and finish with sliced green onions.