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Volume 5 | Issue 05

May 14, 2019

Serving Up Citrus


Colorful, enticing citrus fruits like clementines, Key limes and tangelos add unmistakable flavor to hot and cold dishes alike, whether they’re juiced, candied, preserved or served fresh. Fragrant, tangy, zesty and tart—the list of mouthwatering menu descriptors goes on and on! While most patrons are familiar with common varieties of oranges, lemons and limes, a world of unique citrus exists beyond the staples. Yuzu, pomelo and calamansi, for example, are perfect for bringing bright flavor to global cuisine, cocktails, desserts and more. Get specific with menu callouts (i.e. Cara Cara orange zest or Meyer lemon curd) and experiment with technique (charred grapefruit, pickled lime chutney or blood orange syrup) to play up the natural flavors of citrus and create even more appetite appeal.

Give your menu a boast with a unique entrée featuring citrus-driven flavor pairings. Watch our CHORIZO-WRAPPED SCALLOPS WITH ORANGE ACHIOTE VINAIGRETTE reciepe video today video today! Click here for full recipe.

Showcase the versatility of citrus fruit across your menu, from marinades to finishing sauces. Give these recipes a try, all featuring citrus-based products from Custom Culinary®.


Orange Beer-Battered Fish Sandwich with Harissa Tartar Sauce
A deep-fried orange and beer-battered cod fillet on a toasted brioche bun, dressed with bibb lettuce and a zesty tartar sauce made with Custom Culinary® Gold Label Harissa.
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Mojo Marinade
The classic Cuban mojo sauce gets a unique flavor boost when made with Custom Culinary® Master’s Touch® Southwest Flavor Concentrate along with grapefruit, orange and lime juices.
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Florida Grouper with Mandarin Orange Hollandaise
Grouper fillets simmered in Custom Culinary® Gold Label Fish Base, served with a Mandarin orange hollandaise made with Master’s Touch® Hollandaise Sauce Concentrate.
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Latin Citrus Chili Flatbread Pizza
A rustic flatbread topped with Custom Culinary® Latin-Style Citrus Chili Sauce-infused pizza sauce, grilled chicken, red onion, thinly sliced serrano peppers and Mexican melting cheese.
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Wasabi Ginger Ponzu Slider Trio
Custom Culinary® Gold Label Wasabi Ginger Ponzu Sauce showcased in three mini sandwiches: blended into the patty and used to top a Glazed Minced Salmon Burger; as the glaze for a Grilled Chicken Breast Slider; and in a tomato, onion, mango, jalapeño and cilantro salsa used to top a Crab Cake Slider.
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Meyer Lemon London Fizz
Earl grey tea steeped with gin, blended with sweet, refreshing Custom Culinary® Meyer Lemon Curd and finished with club soda, charred spruce and a candied lemon twist.

Coal-fired Seabass and Citrus
A whole black seabass stuffed with blood orange, garlic, tomatoes, cilantro and parsley, charred over an open coal fire grill. Served over tabbouleh and finished with Custom Culinary® Blood Orange Beurre Blanc and fresh cracked pink peppercorns.

Yuzu Chicken Katsu Sando
A panko-crusted fried chicken breast cutlet brushed with Custom Culinary® Yuzu Serrano Honey Glaze, piled on a toasted brioche bun with tangy shredded cabbage slaw and kewpie mayo. Served with house chips tossed in Yuzu Serrano Honey Glaze.

Pickled Cuban Flatbread
Bone-in pork shoulder marinated overnight in Custom Culinary® Achiote Grapefruit Mojo, then slow-roasted in its own juiced. Pulled and served on a grilled flatbread with pickled Cara Cara orange, crumbled queso fresco and fresh dill; finished with a sprinkle of fermented mustard seeds.

Roasted Vegetable Lime Curry
Custom Culinary® Makrut Lime Green Curry Paste blended with coconut milk and folded with ember-roasted tofu, grilled Thai eggplant, shredded bamboo shoots, carrots, baby corn and red onion. Served over white rice with green onion and slivered lemongrass.


Serve up the flavors of Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and South America with bold, ready-to-use products from Custom Culinary®.


  • Meyer Lemon Curd
  • Blood Orange Beurre Blanc
  • Yuzu Serrano Honey Glaze
  • Achiote Grapefruit Mojo
  • Makrut Lime Green Curry Paste
*Products are customized; please contact your Custom Culinary® representative for more information.


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